Cowboy Ryan's 30 Day Home Workouts!
Cowboy Ryan's 30 Day Fit Program!
"As Seen on ABC Shark Tank"
"As Seen on ABC Shark Tank"
Ready To Get Healthy & Mentally Fit from HOME?
You'll Not Only LOOK Your Best, You'll FEEL Your Best - 
And You'll Do It With A Community Around To Support YOU!
30 Days to A Better You!
Home Fitness Program
to 4.3% Body Fat.  
I was a Pro Rodeo Cowboy, suffered 2 years of chronic back pain, gained 33 lbs, 15 doctors said I would NEVER rodeo again. I was depressed, homeless and $67,000 in debt. 

I almost quit but then I said, "forget this, I'm doing my own thing!" I got certified as a Personal Trainer, decided to created a method called RODEOFIT8, implemented it, and...
The name of the game in Getting Healthier and Mentally Back on Track is DAILY exercises of the Mind First and then the Body. If you want to Lose Weight and get healthy it's possible for ANYONE if you condition your mind daily and focus on exciting goals.  

Well, I've discovered that the real way to Lose inches of FAT is to Recruit Your Body Fat immediately for Energy during the workout and Engage Your Muscles to Ramp Up Your Metabolism for a 36 hours "AfterBurn".

Yes, there are tools I use and a system in place to make this Easy to do. 
 This is where my LOSE12™  program comes in.  

In this $47 training program, I workout you out using the basics of my exact process that I've used to help 40,000+ clients LOSE 12, 24, 36 and even 48 inches of Body Fat in a short 4 week program. 

That We Help You Master!
Everyday you receive a Hi-energy 1 minute motivational video to get you pumped and excited for your goals!
LOSE12™ is 3 workouts a week for 28 minutes designed to BURN 60% Fat and a 36 hour AfterBurn!
Team Work
After the workout post a comment in the Phone App to the community for people just like you see. This is priceless tool
WATCH Short Video 
Just A Glimpse Of Our Client Success ...
We are Taking Control of Our Lives ...

Howdy Ya'll, its Cowboy Ryan from!

Like so many of you right now, I've been stuck at home for the last several weeks - this has been beyond challenging to say the least ...

And maybe you've noticed too ... you're sitting around a lot eating more than usual.  Or maybe you have a gym membership and they are closed so staying motivated to workout at home is tough ...
Especially right now with the CRAZINESS in the world!

I've heard from so many of my followers, fans and clients and many of them are experiencing the same thing...They are lacking the motivation to workout, they are getting lonely and bored at home, they are missing the accountability and social aspect that fitness brings us...

And that's why I decided to offer something so cool, so powerful and so FUN. I'm inviting YOU to join me in my exclusive 30-Day Bodyweight Get Healthy At-Home Challenge!

More than ever, we need to come together as a family, bring accountability and support into our lives. And the same is true for your in-home workouts ... As motivating as I am to workout, not being around others has diminished my drive too. 

And what better way to come together than with a workout challenge!

Because it has a deadline to start and also you can see the ending date too so many people who are on the fence about starting a fitness program you know their is a finish line.

My brand new RodeoFIT Healthier & Mentally on Track Challenge is designed specifically to help you reshape  your body - so whether you have weight to lose or you just want to firm up and get toned - we will be doing this together in the next 30-days!

The name of the game in Losing Fat is TAPPING INTO FAT TO BURN IT FOR ENERGY - quickly - without Burning Your Muscle. Unfortunately, the marketing world has gotten lazy and the gurus try to sell you their EXTREME INSANITY Workouts is the way to FAST RESULTS.  That's Total B.S....

Well, I've discovered that the real way to Lose inches of FAT is to Recruit Your Body Fat immediately for Energy during the workout and Engage Your Muscles to Ramp Up Your Metabolism for a 36 hours "AfterBurn".

Yes, there are tools that we use and a system in place to make this Easy to do. 
 This is where my LOSE12™  program comes in.  
You Can Do This!
Join Me for a 30 Day Healthy At-Home Challenge 
(Regularly $97)
Only $47
Join My 30-Day Healthy At-Home 
(Regularly $49)
Only $29

GET HEALTHIER & MENTALLY ON TRACK . You'll Have Everything You Need To Get Active, Sculpt, Tone & Shred Your Best Body - All In a Few Minutes Each Day With Just Your Bodyweight!
We're All In This Together!
Like many of you right now ... I've personally been struggling to stay motivated in my workouts and nutrition. 
My mountain home is deep in the woods where there is little daily sunshine and everything is an sheet of ice.
I usually do my workouts in my personal training studio but its freezing and the motivation for me right now is off.

I'm not sure about you, but the last week all I've been doing is sleeping in late, watching TV, taking too many trips to the refrigerator and skipping workouts.

After hearing from hundreds of you struggling with the same issues most people are feeling the same way. 

Just look at a few of the 100+ answers I got 

Here is the truth...

"The struggle right now is REAL Folks!"

That is why I have this 30-Day Bodyweight Get Healthy At-Home Challenge together. However, this is more than a challenge ... 

This is about coming together as a community to support each other through this unfortunate obstacle in life.

Yes, you're going to get awesome workouts, you're gonna feeling amazing, get that feeling of having a purpose, more confidence to handle whats going on and also see a transformation in your body.

Most importantly, you'll get that social interaction we as humans desperately need through our outstanding online family support team. 

Why A Challenge Right Now?
In the last 15 years as America's Premier Personal Trainer Featured on ABC Shark Tank, CNBC, SpikeTV, and Entrepreneur & Forbes magazine I have helped over 40,000 clients achieve their ultimate goals. And here is what we've seen when we do challenges. 

1) Challenges bring us together as a community and family to support each other - this online community is a destination place for you and I to push each other to keep going or even get started in you're not working out. 

2) Challenges really give you that social interaction and accountability - our private support team during these challenges is INSANE! I love the power of team work... It's amazing to see the bonding of people all over the nation come together and work together holding each other accountable.

3) Challenges are So FUN - Doing workouts each week with thousands of others across the nation is very motivation, inspiring and a BLAST!

With the uncertainty in the world we all need each other more than ever:

We need support, accountability and especially more FUN. And that is our speciality for sure!!

Ok just to be clear you will get awesome workouts, and see incredible results...

But most important ... it's not so much about the results, its about the community in your life.

Think about having the power of community at your finger tips ... 
You'll get all of this right on your mobile phone, with live notifications, instant messages, and the ability to talk with others in the community in a private setting inside our phone app and NOT on a public social media platform.
How important would that be? Plus ...

We once the challenge is over you will have a thriving community around you to keep you going with many other training programs we offer on the phone app.

Before I share with you everything you get in this 30 Bodyweight Sculpt N Shred Challenge, let me share what I've found to get fit at home, with NO equipment...
"What's the best way to get firm & see results from home?"
I started implementing “LOSE12™ inches” which is a unique scientifically proven 40 year old system of calculating your Peak Fat Loss Zone using your body type, age, resting heart rate…and that’s when it all changed for me.

I lost 33 lbs, shredded my body down to 4.3% Body Fat working out at a comfortable pace, NOT Extreme and enjoying the workouts. 

In the last 15 years as a personal trainer I've helped 40,000+ clients worldwide with my Unstoppable Fat Loss Formula and that is why I want to take you through this 30 day challenge. 

Let's talk about the plan ...

The Four Phases Of An At Home Successful Workout:

1) INNER Furnace will help prime the muscles, starting with the Abs to make the rest of your workout more effective

 2) STRENGTH will focus on controlled, slow bodyweight strength movements and Hold N Mold to maximize MUSCLE OVERLOAD so you can get more toned, strength and toned with less repeated reps.

3) FATLOSSFORMULA is working the body out in the 60% -80% max heart rate with intervals cycles 
to TARGET BURNING FAT during exercises and NOT muscle. This is our Lose12 inches secret formula. 

4) AFTER BURN is where you get up to 36Hours of "AfterBurn" of Pure Fat to really boost your results

After 15 years and training 40,000 clients we've designed this program specifically for what you asked for the most ...
  • Flatter, Firmer Midsection
  • Sculpt Your Legs & Arms
  • Get Rid Of Belly & Excess Body Fat
I'm sure you'd like to achieve it all, but the question you're probably asking is...

I don't have access to my gym, treadmill, group classes so how do I do this without spending hours working out?
With the Sculpt n Shred Challenge, that's the answer!

The best thing about Sculpt N Shred ...

You won't be spending hours working out to get INSANE results like 40,000+ clients have...

In fact, all you need is 28-minutes to complete these workouts and it requires NO equipment!

So get ready my friend to have fun, invite your buddies to join in this 30 day transformation challenge that you've never experienced a high energy, fun , energetic personal trainer like me...
When You Join The 30-Day 
Healthy-At-Home, You'll Get...
1. My at Home Secret FatLoss Formula Workouts For Getting In Excellent Shape, in Record Time!
Intro To FATLOSS FORMULA Secrets ($197 Value)
You'll Learn the Entire LOSE12 program so its NO Mystery as how to lose inches in record time now and forever~

These workouts combine my 4 core elements when trying to get faster results at home: Inner Furnace, Hold N Mold, FatLossFormula and 36hr "AfterFatBurn" this is to allow you to get leaner, firmer, stronger and incredibly confident in yourself without spending hours working out. 

We start off Sculpt n Shred with me(and hundreds of others) in Phase 1 so be ready to hit the workouts together. As we progress in SCUPLT N SHRED, you'll get leaner, stronger and firmer!  PLUS you'll notice your pants getting baggy. 

I am SOOO Excited for you to experience the power of my training program!
2. Follow Me Workout Videos
($97 Value)
We've helped 40,000+ men & women transform their bodies using our workouts. For this challenge, it's our best organized program to deliver the fastest results. 

You just access your workouts via Mobile Phone and BAM you're working out with us.
Then you will have instant messaging to the community of like minded people participating.

For this to be so easy you'll follow my specific sequence in each workout: Inner Furnace, HoldNMold, FatLossFormula, 36hr AfterFatBurn.

With these workouts you can expect to see your best results in the next 30 days - and within 2 weeks, your pants will be falling off you and the strength will be very noticeable. 
3. Nutrition Videos 
Nutrition Secrets ($27 Value)
STOP Guessing on ...
What Your Eat - Is it Healthy or NOT to Eat

Daily Videos teach about foods labels, carbs, fats, proteins and
what you MUST cut out of your daily diet to lose weight and get healthy. 
Because healthy foods gives you a boost of energy unlike anything you've experienced.

By far our most effective nutrition plan, and it's so dang easy to learn it.
4. DAILY Motivation Videos
Motivation Secrets ($109 Value)
Why do so many people STRUGGLE to keep a positive mindset, practice healthy habits?

Now more than ever, we need accountability and support. 
Every week I'll be jumping on LIVE calls with you to answer questions and motivate you to continue seeing progress, give you tips, techniques and truthfully time to HANG OUT!

On top of that,
I'm in the Private Phone App Support Group ALL DAY
answering your questions, and I'm just one message away from helping you.

I am 100% committed and passionate about MIND BLOWING YOU with the amount of support you'll get on this Bodyweight Sculpt N Shred Challenge. Cowboy Ryan's Online Gym is a BIG, Loving Family.

And we are so excited for you to join the Team! 

5. Private Access to Support Group

One of the most powerful attributes to this challenge is the INSANE amount of support you receive from the moment you accept the 30 Day Challenge. You'll be doing this with people all over the country in a group style setting of like minded people all that have the same struggles as you. 

With what's going on in the world right now this group will bring the piece of mind and confidence we all can get through this together. 


My personal motivation and the teamwork will be the catalyst to break you out of a funk or slight depression and on your way to the best version of yourself. 

Doesn't matter where you are starting ...
Brand new beginner or a gym goer, you will have tremendous amount of support to be as successful as you want. 

And we are so excited for you to join the Team! 

I know how uncertain these times are like, will I still have a job, is my company going to survive, will I get sick, how about my parents or kids?
But I can promise you the best thing you ever could do to be the ROCK in your family and build a solid foundation is to get yourself back in a fitness routine and make it a priority to get healthy.  

If you're ready to get started, simply register below and we'll do this together! 

Register For Healthy & Mentally on Track Again!

Get 30 Day Access To ALL 3 'Workout Levels' Plus Bonuses 
(For FREE) When You 'Join Today'
  • 30 Day Healthy-At-Home ($499 Value)
  • ​1 Minute Motivation ($97 Value)
  • Cowboys PhoneApp ($67 Value)
  • Blueprint Fitness Map($29 Value) 
  • ​Track Your Progress ($19 Value)
  • Fitness Test  ($20 Value)
  • ​Supplement Guide ($49 Value)
Total Value: $849
List Price: $199
You Save: $179 (90%)
Today's Price: $29
Join 30 Day Healthy-At-Home 
Today For:
Only $29
clicking here will charge your card $29 and 60 Day 100% Money Back 
Hands Down ... Most Value You'll Ever See For $29!!

This Special Offer Ending...
You'll have all the tools and support to a
Happy, Healthy journey in 2021!
Here's a closer look of what's included:
Phone App Account
($67 Value)
You join our thriving community of people around the country just like you on a journey to Get Lean, Strong and Feel Better. It will include daily WOD, motivation and a support team 24/7 to see you succeed.
30 Day Online Workouts

#1 Most Successful Workouts -
This is a collection of 1 minute & 28 minute workout videos with Cowboy Ryan to shred, burn, lean down and build muscle that rapidly Boosts your metabolism. These are fun, exciting and hi-energy trainer to BOOST your momentum for success.  
3 Levels of Workouts
Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced
Level 1 - Beginners
(Online Videos)
Digital Videos #1 ($49 Value)
If you NEVER Worked Out

#1 Most Successful Workouts -
This is a collection of daily "Get Active" tasks to burn calories and build a foundation for those who have NEVER worked out, ARE older or overweight.  START HERE and work your way up to Level 2 and 3. 
Level 2 - Intermediate
(Online Videos)
Digital Videos #2 ($99 Value)
Build a Foundation First

#1 Most Successful Workouts -
This is a collection of daily "1 Minute" workouts to burn calories and build a foundation for those who have NEVER worked out, ARE older or overweight.  START HERE and work your way up to Level 3. 
Level 3 - Advanced
(Online Videos)
Digital Videos #3 ($199 Value)
Rip, Shred & BurnFat

#1 Most Successful Workouts -
This is a collection of 28 Minute" workouts to rip, burn and shred fat.
Motivation is the Foundation for your Fitness Success!
"1 Minute Motivation"
(Online Videos)
Digital Videos #4 ($97 Value)
 Digital Video version:

#1 Most Powerful Motivation Tool -
This is a collection of 1 minute motivational videos Cowboy Ryan and the RodeoFIT team shot to inspire, educate and motivate you with a new message each day to BOOST your motivation, momentum and condition your mind for success.  
LOSE12 inches Secrets
(Online Videos)
Digital Videos #4 ($119 Value)
You'll Learn the Entire LOSE12 program so its NO Mystery as how to lose inches in record time now and forever~
Blueprint Fitness Map
($29 Value)
It's most important you have a solid map to achieve your daily, weekly goals.
Track Your Progress
($19 Value)
It's most important you document every step and your measurements from day 1.  (Includes Body Measurements, Daily Task and Goals)
Join the Healthy-At-Home Team as this is for ANYONE looking for amazing support from thousands on a quest to improve the quality of their lives! Burn fat, tone muscles, improve flexibility, boost confidence, get in shape and have fun!


Our Incredible community brings the Energy, motivation
and personalities to our journey of getting fit together. Cowboy Ryan and his community of cares about you and invite you to bring your challenges, struggles, upsets in life to our family and allow us to help you along your journey. 

  • Social Media / Online private group
  • Unlimited Email / Online Support
  • Meet New Friends
Fitness Test
($20 Value)
Healthy-At-Home  test is the most important part of starting your training so you can see progress along your fitness journey.

Before getting started ... 
Let's take the Fitness level test to establish a base line for your current level of health so you know where you're starting and then can measure progress to stronger, leaner, quicker, faster, athletic body. 

Don't skip this step ...
Keeping your body healthy is vital for your happiness.  
Supplement Guide
($49 Value)
What YOU MUST Know ...
Performing at your highest level is attainable with supplements.

This simple guide will teach you the NO BULL TRUTH about supplements, what they do, why they work and what is most important to know before taking or buy them.

This is one of the most valuable guides to end the overwhelming feeling of 1,000 different supplements choices.

Foods alone don't get the job done so that is why we turn to supplements to fill in the gaps missing for speedy muscle recovery, muscle building, toning, shredding and elasticity.
(This card valid for RodeoFIT Team members)
Gold Buckle Supplement Card

This exclusive Gold Buckle Rodeo Card gives you 40% OFF all Supplement. We specialize in a supplement line for weight loss, energy boost, daily vitamins, muscle recovery, muscle building and pre/post workouts. 
 Some Cool Supplements:
  • RodeoFIT8 Protein powder
  • RodeoFIT 8 Second Energy
  • RodeoFIT8 Keto Cowboy
  • RodeoFIT8 PowerPack vitamins
  •  and much more...
Hotline Support ($200 Value)
 Online Digital Videos:
You’ll also receive unlimited email access to my team.

If we can’t help via email ...  
We’ll give you a call, and you can speak to myself 
or one of my coaches for FREE!

During your private call ...  
We’ll answer any questions you have, address any major issues and help your unique situation.

Please contact us – I sincerely encourage it.
I've Been Exactly Where You Are!
I get asked a lot, "Cowboy Ryan, what makes what you teach different than anyone else?"

It's a fair question and all I tell people is that I've done exactly what you're trying to do! I've Lost 33 lbs in 8 weeks, I've Shredded my Abs to 4.3% body fat, I've built a 7-figure Franchise Gym that only sells Results!

In other words, I know what you need to be doing right now to take the next step in your fitness!
  • ​Workout Less and Achieve 2x More Results 
  • 40,000+ Thousands Success Clients All Over The World
Is It Ok If We Over Deliver? Here's Some More...
Would You Like To See More? Here You Go...
Why Healthy-At-Home?
 Benefits & Results
30 Day HEALTHY-AT-HOME is a Performance Training System perfect for all ages and levels of men and women desperately needing to lose some weight and regain their Mental Happiness. Whether you’re in great shape or NEVER exercised you will benefit from the Science Based training & nutrition regimen designed specifically for people stuck at home.
  • Quicker Fat Loss and Body Shape 
  • Enhanced Moods
  • Increased Energy
  • ​BOOST Confidence
  • ​Better Sleep
  • ​Improve Balance & Stability
Meet Cowboy Ryan,
Founder, CEO
  • #1 Motivational Fitness Speaker , 2009 - 2018
  • Featured on ABC Shark Tank, CNBC, Forbes & Entrepreneur
  • Fitness Franchise expert created Cowboys Gym
  • Lose 12 inches in 12 workouts program "as seen on TV"
  • ProRodeo Bareback Champion, 2004
  • Lost 33 lbs and shredded Abs to 4.3% body fat in 82 days
DISCLAIMER: The results figures stated anywhere on this funnel are individual figures and training results. Please understand that training results are not typical, and we are not implying that you will duplicate them. The fitness results reported on this funnel are typical results for any clients who meet our criteria and agree to a minimum monthly training program. Average fitness results deliver around 12" lose during the first 30 days to customers who workout using our entire program. We back the delivery of our services with a money-back guarantee. We have the benefit of doing fitness training for 15+ years, and have an established following of past result. The average person who follows an workout program gets little to no results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Workout results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to background, experience, work ethic and mostly diet. All fitness programs entail risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, this is not for you.

>ABOUT THE STRATEGY SESSION: After completing an application, you will get the opportunity to schedule in a Strategy Session with a qualified person from our team. This is completely optional. The Session lasts about 60 minutes and if you do not want to work more closely with us, you can leave without buying anything. The Strategy Session to provide insights on the operations of your workout program and offer strategies for more results that you will be able to implement right away.

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