Cowboy Ryan's 5 Day
Montana Cowboy Adventures!
Limited Space
July 25st - 29th
Imagine NO Cell Phones, Emails, Traffic, STRESS, 
Responsibility or Life in the Fast Lane?
* 5 days with Cowboy Ryan "Worlds #1 Motivation Fit Trainer
* Tough Arena Challenges 
* Daily motivational event with Cowboy Ryan
* Daily Outdoor Adventures
* Daily Extreme Hike (10,120 ft)
* Water activities (Rafting, Canoe, skiing)
* Fishing Derby Contest
* Shooting Guns
* Campfire cookouts  
* FREE Meals

DON'T WAIT ... attend Cowboy Ryan's Montana Outdoor Adventures into nature and time for yourself. Today's Decisions Shape Tomorrows Future!
(Limited to 10 Spots)

Regularly $7,997
 Early Bird Enroll - $4,795
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Cowboy Ryan Ehmann
Private Retreat West Fork, Montana 

Nearest Town
Darby, Montana

Nearest Airport
Missoula, Montana - 

July 24th 
and you will rent a car as ranch is 75 miles away. 

July 30th. 

Once you reserve your trip 
we will share contact info with other guests as you could carpool. 

Stay at the Lodge or in cabins with our group 
or Book your own stay near Conner, Montana: 
July 24th - 30th
Main Ranch LODGE

WELCOME to Montana Outdoor Adventures, Guided by Reality TV Star "Cowboy Ryan"

Four generations ago, each guest arrived here by way of stagecoach, horseback or Model-T. 

Today, descendants of some of those families and friends come visit the ranch to experience the mythic beauty of nature, the cowboy lifestyle and the Old West, in a region that is very nearly the same as it was in the 1800's when Chief Joseph and his indian tribe visited the ranch.Ours is one of the oldest continuously operating ranches in this scenic canyon where the bitterroot river beginning with the runoff of the snow from Lost Trail Ski area.  Our guest ranch is just 12 miles from Lost Trail Powder Mountain which is one of Montana's best ski areas. 

THE COWBOY RYAN DUDE RANCH EXPERIENCE You’ll stay in historic log cabins located at the Sula Store & campground which is near the visiting point of Lewis & Clark who passed through the ranch during 1805 in search of the west coast. You’ll enjoy great meals and pampered attention from ranch hosts who are happy to cater to your every need.We offer a unique vacation, world class fishing, hiking, float trips and much more at our Montana ranch.So treasured is our guest ranch that it’s become a tradition among families, individuals and couples over the years ˜ in fact, most of our guests are return visitors or their friends and family members.

If you're coming for the incredible views, smell of the pine tree's, wild life, glorious stars at night, the fabulous history of Chief Joseph, battle of the Big Hole, Lewis & Clark and/or just trying to escape from a fast paced life Montana is the place to come.  Life on the Cowboy Ryan ranch is a priceless time in your life that is memorable and also life changing for many folks.  Come as a stranger and leave as a valued lifelong friend.  WOOOHOOO 

Optional(If weather allows) White Water Rafting on the Salmon River

This Class III raft trip includes a leisurely stop at our wilderness camp, where guests can relax in hammocks, play horse shoes and socialize.  Rafters will be treated to a freshly prepared, healthy and plentiful lunch consisting of chicken wraps, fresh green salads, pasta salads, desserts and beverages.  We are happy to accommodate vegetarians, vegans and PB & J’ers.

Shooting Guns - Experience the Wild West with some good ol fashion target shooting. YEE-HAW

Adventure Hiking
You'll find yourself at the top of a 10,120 foot mountain by the end of the week. 

Arena Fitness Challenges
We host the "Tough ARENA" challenge in the rodeo arena which something you'll find at the PBR in 2017.

Campfire Cookouts

Eating around the campfire is the guests BIGGEST highlights at the end of the day. Campfire stories under the stars and surrounded by nature is a lifetime experience. 

Water Events

During your stay we will engage in a fun water sport depending on weather conditions. (White water rafting, Canoeing, water skiing or tug of war)

Morning Rodeo Bootcamps 

"As seen on Jillian Michaels Reality Show" You will experience a Fun 28 minute Rodeo workout to jumpstart your mind & body for the day. Yes that is Jillian in the photo.

Big Horn Sheep

Sula Montana is the home to many Big Horn Sheep because of the rugged, rocky terrain and high mountain tops. During your stay you're bound to see wildlife. 

Lost Trail Hot Springs

Located North of Cowboy Ryan's Ranch is Lost Trail Hot Springs & Indian Trees campground. In 1877 Chief Joseph and 750 Nez Perce Indians camped here during their travels. Now its a natural hot springs so at the end of a long day of adventures we will soak our sore muscles. 

Lodging in Sula Montana 

Many rustic cabins are available in the Sula, Montana area for our guests. Lodging is NOT included so you can book a small cabin or a BIG luxury style living arrangements. 

Motivation - Mind Conditioning

This is the BIGGEST change you'll experience, daily motivation will change ANY area of your life. If your looking to take your fitness to the next level, get motivated to get in shape or unhappy in any area of your life days of mind conditioning is priceless.

History Exploration

Get to explore the tracks of famous explores like Lewis & Clark in 1805 or Chief Joseph Nez Perce Indians in 1877.  They all camped on the ranch during their travels.

Top of the Mountain
Outdoor Event
Strengthen Your Mind
Morning Rodeo Bootcamp
Motivation Bootcamp
Life Changing Experience
Customer Reviews

Montana Cowboy Adventures

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (326 ratings)

This is Cowboy Ryan's most popular fitness program offered as people from all over the World Attend for an Outdoor Cowboy Experience that is life changing.  You'll discover a lot about you during the journey and return home a much more confident person. It's time to unplug from the world, cell phones, traffic, emails, meetings and responsibility to other and focus just on YOU! 
It's such an amazing experience that soon it will be a Reality TV show. 
Abi H.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Abi H. I lost 120 pounds before attending the Cowboy Adventures and on this trip I accomplished life changing goals when I hiked to the Top of a 10,200 ft mountain.  IT WAS EPIC!!!
Ray H.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I was 49 years old and hit 280 pounds.  I didn't think it was possible to begin a fitness program at my age & healthy.  To my surprise after attending the Montana Cowboy Adventures it ignited a spark inside of me that I went back home and lost 50 pounds and changed my life forever. 
Sara H.     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I am a school teacher with limited time and 3 kids at home and I was working so hard to lose weight and NOTHING Happened until I attended the Montana Adventures.  I went from a size 8 to size 2 within 6 months and this journey was the solution.
Bob     ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I attended the Outdoor adventures with my daughter and had struggled to lose 80 pounds for the last 20 years.  After spending several days doing the funnest things a person could ever do and a lot of mind conditioning exercises I went home and transformed my life to lose the weight with ease. THIS IS A MUST for people trying to lose body fat. 
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